Site Visits

Let me show you the highlights of various sites, which enjoy international renown!

Whether you would like to encounter and learn about some of the prominent works of the great national and international masters in the National Gallery for the very first time, or learn something about the grand history of London within the walls of the Tower of London...

Or you have always wanted to see St Paul's Cathedral, which boasts one of the highest domes in the world,  from the inside.

On the other hand, you might be interested in Westminster Abbey, with all its magnificent architecture and its almost 1,000-year-old history of patriotic heroes, scientists, artists, writers, poets, musicians, and many more. 

Finally, your interests might extend to world culture, humanity and its invaluable legacy. Then the British Museum would be the prefect place to satisfy your curiosity - one of biggest and most important museums of cultural history in the world!