About  Dusan

Dusan is originally from Austria and has been living in London since 2012. 


Since early childhood, he had developed a love for far away, foreign countries and cultures. This led, among other things, to him visiting the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. He spent roughly a year living and studying in the United States of America. Furthermore, Dusan lived in Berlin, Germany, for two years, before he eventually moved and settled here in London. 

He is a trained chef (worked in the historic Hotel Claridge's and a Michelin-starred establishment, here in London), and holds a Master's degree in Social Sciences (worked in mental health and clinical social work). 


Upon passing his exams in 2018, he received the prestigious Blue Badge and thus qualified as a professional London Blue Badge tourist guide.

He specialises in small groups, pairs and individuals. 

Dusan is qualified to guide in both, English and German.